Winter Themed YA Recommendations

Winter is fast approaching in the Northern Hemisphere. We thought it would be fun to provide you all with some winter themed YA recommendations. All of the recommendations have been read by one of the three of us. Starting tomorrow, December 1, we will be reading Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares for our bookContinue reading “Winter Themed YA Recommendations”

YA Book Recommendations by Authors of Color

How do you diversify your reading? Do you read books with BIPOCs as main characters or books by Authors of Color? We wanted to give you several recommendations of books by Authors of Color to get you started! Danielle and Rachael have read all but one of these suggestions. The last suggestion is one thatContinue reading “YA Book Recommendations by Authors of Color”

Favorite YA Fairy Tale Retellings

Hello, everyone! We’re so sorry that we missed sharing a new post on our blog last Friday. Danielle has been sick lately (we’re working on figuring out what’s wrong, so that’s good at least), Rachael has been working a few more hours than normal at our local public library, and Skyler has been focusing onContinue reading “Favorite YA Fairy Tale Retellings”

Under-hyped YA Books and Series

Happy Friday, all! We hope you’ve had a great week. What are you reading this weekend? Something that we don’t see very often is blog posts about under-hyped books and series. When Danielle and Rachael come across posts that ask for new recommendations, they often try to suggest books that are not hyped. Below areContinue reading “Under-hyped YA Books and Series”

Spooky Middle Grade Reads Recommendations

Hello, all! Happy almost Halloween! Today, we (Danielle and Rachael) wanted to share some recommendations of spooky, middle grade reads with you. Like our list of witchy reads, we tried to focus on books that aren’t overhyped. The following images and synopses are from If you like ghost stories: City of Ghosts by VictoriaContinue reading “Spooky Middle Grade Reads Recommendations”

Witchy Reads Recommendations

Good afternoon! We (Danielle and Rachael) are here today to provide you with some witchy reads to finish out the spooky season. We’re also going to be recommending some spooky reads next Friday, October 30, as well, so be on the lookout for that post! Today’s post is going to focus on middle grade, youngContinue reading “Witchy Reads Recommendations”

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