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2020 Bookish Favorites

Because 2020 was a very confusing and trying year for all of us, Danielle and Rachael wanted to share what some of their bookish favorites were for the year. All of these items were bought during 2020 and used throughout the year. We’ll provide links for those items that are still in stock. If anContinue reading “2020 Bookish Favorites”

10 Last-Minute Gifts for A Bookworm

Happy holidays, everyone! No matter which holiday you celebrate during the winter season, you might be looking for a last-minute gift for your favorite bookworm. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! All of these gifts are ones that any bookworm will be sure to love. However, we (and the companies) cannot guarantee shipping before ChristmasContinue reading “10 Last-Minute Gifts for A Bookworm”

LitJoy Magical Edition 7.2 Unboxing

Good afternoon, all! We hope you are having a wonderful Monday! A couple of weeks ago, Danielle received her LitJoy Magical Edition 7.2 box. This is the last of LitJoy Crate’s Magical Edition boxes that will based on one of Harry Potter books. Starting in October, LitJoy will be offering a quarterly Magical Subscription. TheContinue reading “LitJoy Magical Edition 7.2 Unboxing”

Subscription Box Referral Codes

We apologize for the long wait between blog posts! It’s been a crazy week and a half for all of us. We’re hoping to be back to regular posting soon. Have you ever wanted to try a subscription box, but don’t know which one to buy? Between Danielle and Rachael, we subscribe to 5 subscriptionContinue reading “Subscription Box Referral Codes”

LitJoy May Unboxing

Danielle‚Äôs LitJoy items-only crate for May arrived the other day and we wanted to share the bookish goodies that she received. The May theme was Academy for the Bookish and Bewitching. At this time, LitJoy is not accepting new subscribers for the months of June, July, and August. Individuals who are interested in receiving a boxContinue reading “LitJoy May Unboxing”

LitJoy April Unboxing

Danielle’s LitJoy item-only crate for April arrived the other day and we wanted to share the bookish goodies that she received. The April theme was Women Warriors. May’s box, Academy for the Bookish and Bewitching, is currently sold out. June’s box, Mythical Gods, is also sold out, but more boxes may become available once renewalsContinue reading “LitJoy April Unboxing”

LitJoy March Unboxing

Danielle’s LitJoy item-only crate for March arrived the other day. The March theme was Ride or Die. We wanted to share pictures of the goodies that she received. There were a few items that she really liked and thought would be useful to her. If you are interested in starting a subscription with LitJoy Crate,Continue reading “LitJoy March Unboxing”