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Our Comeback and Rebranding 2.0

As we approached the one-year anniversary of our blog(!), we decided to reflect upon our strengths and weaknesses. Our reflection led to another rebranding of our blog. We have grown tremendously this past year (both on this blog and Instagram) and moving forward, our goal is to be transparent about our blog’s content.  We knowContinue reading “Our Comeback and Rebranding 2.0”

Blogging is overwhelming: Why we’re taking a (short) hiatus

Good evening, everyone! We hope you all are having a wonderful week so far! We wanted to update you on what we have going on for the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately, we’re going to be taking a short hiatus, hopefully around two weeks. There are a few reasons for this hiatus. Danielle just hadContinue reading “Blogging is overwhelming: Why we’re taking a (short) hiatus”

Life Updates 2.0

It’s not often that we post two life updates in such a short time span to each other. We wanted to keep you up-to-date on our plans for our future as bloggers and bookstagrammers. Don’t worry, we’re not leaving our blog or Instagram. We’re just refining our content and our posting schedule. The reasons forContinue reading “Life Updates 2.0”