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Book News You May Have Missed: March 28-April 3

Today marks our first day of our new weekly series! When we started to draft this initial post, our original idea for this weekly series began to evolve. Instead of highlighting bookish content from influencers on Instagram, YouTube, and/or blogs, we are going to focus on bookish news you may have missed. Noteworthy book influencersContinue reading “Book News You May Have Missed: March 28-April 3”

Tips for Overcoming a Reading Slump

Have you ever hit a reading slump and not known what to do? We’ve all been there, and we’ve got some tips to help you overcome your reading slump. Please understand that these tips may not work for everyone. If one doesn’t work for you, try another. If none of them work for you, checkContinue reading “Tips for Overcoming a Reading Slump”

How to Maximize Your Reading Time

Near the end of each month, you probably begin to see several wrap-up posts from people within the bookish community. In these wrap-up posts, an individual shares all the books that he or she has read for a particular month. Have you ever wondered how someone is able to read so many books in aContinue reading “How to Maximize Your Reading Time”

How to Choose a Book that is a Good Fit

Is your child an avid reader? Or do you find that it is an endless struggle to convince your child to read a book? Whether your child loves to read or only reads a book when necessary, it is so important that your child chooses a book that is a good fit. With so manyContinue reading “How to Choose a Book that is a Good Fit”

Bookstagram Tips

Have you ever wanted to start a bookstagram account but don’t know where to start? We started our bookstagram account back in April (in case you want to explore our page, we are @alwaysbookishlovers) and we’ve learned a lot over the course of three months. For today’s post, we wanted to focus on providing someContinue reading “Bookstagram Tips”

Engaging Children in Reading

Children should be immersed in reading. Not only should children be reading daily, but they also need to be interacting with the content that they have read. With most school districts now closed for the rest of the 2019-2020 academic school year, many of you may have started working with your child on his orContinue reading “Engaging Children in Reading”

Books and Bookish Apps

For the last blog post in our “Where Do You Find Books When Schools and Libraries Are Closed?” blog series, we wanted to share a few more sites where you can find free or cheap books. We will still be explaining how to access apps for the websites and platforms that we have already mentionedContinue reading “Books and Bookish Apps”

Where Do I Find Young Adult Books in the Pandemic?

The past two weeks have been crazy! With Rachael adjusting to her new work schedule and our participation in last week’s many virtual book festivals, we didn’t have a chance to post the next blog post. Our previous posts have discussed where to find books for all ages, children’s literature, and middle grade books, butContinue reading “Where Do I Find Young Adult Books in the Pandemic?”

Where Can I Find Children’s Literature and Middle Grade Books in the Pandemic?

Although our last post outlined where to find books for all ages, there are also specific sites that offer books tailored towards children and middle grade readers. These stories can be enjoyed by everyone, however, even if you aren’t a child or middle grade reader! Some of the following sites do cost money and ifContinue reading “Where Can I Find Children’s Literature and Middle Grade Books in the Pandemic?”

Where Can I Find Books in the Pandemic?

You might be wondering, “Schools are closed. Libraries are closed. Where in the world can I find books for me to read, for my children to read, or for me to read to my children?” The answer is quite simple. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many places are now offering free or amazing deals forContinue reading “Where Can I Find Books in the Pandemic?”