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Review Policy FAQs

What type of books do we review?
We typically read children’s literature, middle grade, young adult, and/or adult books. These books can either be ARCs of upcoming releases or already published books. We are particularly interested in sharing reviews of diverse books. Our preferred reading genres are below:
– Nonfiction
– Contemporary
– Fantasy
– Historical Fiction
– Horror
– Literary Fiction
– Science Fiction
– Thrillers

When we will complete the review?
We will complete a review on both our blog and Instagram within one month of receiving the book. If appropriate or the preference of the author/publisher, we will wait to post the review until closer to the release date. We will communicate any and all changes to our reading timeline as needed.
Blog: Always, Bookish Lovers
Instagram: @alwaysbookishlovers

What do our reviews consist of?
For our reviews**, we include:
– Author and Publication Information
– Length of Novel
– Picture of Book
– Goodreads Link
– Goodreads Synopsis
– Our Thoughts about the Book
– 2-3 Similar Book Recommendations

**We will also be willing to do one of the following at the request of the author or publisher:
– Author Interview/Q & A
– Blog Tour (including Review, Favorite Quotes, and/or Author Interview; we have been a part of the following blog tours: Mayhem by Estelle Laure, A Curse of Gold by Annie Sullivan, and A Golden Fury by Samantha Cohoe)
– Street Team (we have been on the following street teams: Rebecca Ross for Sisters of Sword and Song)
– Giveaways
– Promotional Posts

How do we rate books?
We use a five-star rating system when reviewing books. The breakdown is below:
5 Stars: New Favorite Read
4 Stars: Really Enjoyed
3 Stars: Enjoyed, but Not Favorite
2 Stars: Didn’t Enjoy
1 Stars: DNF

How do you contact us to review a book?
If you are interested in having us review a book (or an audiobook), then email us at The following information should be included in your request: the title and author of book, the book’s genres, a summary of book, and any associated links to the book. We would love a physical copy of the book (address upon request), but if that is not possible, then we will need a .mobi file for our Kindles. We will respond to any requests in 1-2 business days. Please understand if we decide to decline a request. We have large TBR piles and the book has to be in one of our interest areas.

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