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This page details the specific content that you can expect to see from our blog. 

Weekly Series

Book News You May Have Missed: This post will include book-related news that you may have missed. We will be sharing what we can on our Instagram, but links will be included on our blog as well.

Monthly Series

Round-Up of Mini Reviews and/or Blog Tours: We’ll include links to Instagram reviews and blog posts that we have posted over the course of each month.

Top 5 Podcast, Booktube, and Bookstagrammer Recommendations: We are going to make an effort to find new influencers (through podcasts, YouTube, and Instagram) to follow each month. We’ll post our favorites in a rotating basis, starting with Booktube, then going to podcasts, and finally bookstagrammers. Once we’ve rotated through each category once, we’ll then start at the beginning again.

Small Business Shoutouts: Each month, we will give a shoutout to a small business that focuses on bookish merch. The shops featured on our blog will be ones that we have bought from in the past. We’re hoping you will be able to find new places to buy bookish merch!

Recommendations for Books Written by Marginalized Authors: All three of us have the goal to read more books by marginalized authors in an effort to better understand their experiences. Each month, we’ll highlight the ones we read and loved. The first month we will be recommending some we’ve read in the past.

Quarterly Series

Top 3 Reads: Each quarter (posts will be in April, July, October, and January), we’ll post our favorite three reads from the previous three months.

Reading Goals and Challenges Updates: In an effort to diversify our content, we are stopping the posting of monthly wrap-ups. Instead, we will be focusing on just providing updates about all of our reading goals and challenges. We’ll be posting these updates in January (the initial post with our yearly goals), June (half-year update), and December (our final update of the year with what goals/challenges we’ve finished).

Bookish Favorites: In an effort to introduce everyone to new bookish shops, subscription boxes, or other merch, we’ll be gathering a list of all our bookish favorites. Expect these posts in June for the first half of the year and December for the second half of the year. We will also post in January of the following year to include our top bookish favorites for the previous year.

Other Content

Throughout each month, we may also share a list of book recommendations, participate in a blog tour, and/or publish other book-related posts. 

As our blog continues to grow and evolve, we will update this page accordingly. 

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