Review | Terry Silverman and the Demon Wolf by Sikandar Vayani

Goodreads SynopsisTerry Silverman is a thirteen-year-old orphaned vegetarian vampire who drinks tomato juice instead of blood. A lonely outsider, he attends Grimerth School for Monsters, but learns about a spate of murders in the neighbouring town of Grimdale after it was terrorised by a demonic wolf. One moonlit night, a darker side of Terry isContinue reading “Review | Terry Silverman and the Demon Wolf by Sikandar Vayani”

Review | The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris

Written by Neil Patrick Harris (NPH), The Magic Misfits is the first book in a series about magicians. The series is complete, with four books in total: The Magic Misfits, The Second Story, The Minor Third, and The Fourth Suit. Short Summary:Carter has been living with his uncle ever since his parents passed away whenContinue reading “Review | The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris”

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