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About Us

Two siblings who love reading: Danielle and Rachael

We are two siblings who love reading and providing resources for those who need them. Danielle is a PreK-6 licensed teacher with an endorsement in Gifted Education. She has been reading since she was young and found her love of teaching in college through working for her alma mater’s Campus Learning Center. Danielle loves to read fantasy, horror, mystery, and science fiction, mostly within the young adult and adult genres. Rachael is a dispatcher for her local police department and has been reading for many years as well. She reads mostly middle grade and young adult books within the contemporary, fantasy, and science fiction genres.

A book fiend who just happens to be a teacher.

Hi! I’m Skyler. I met Danielle in college in Richmond. We worked at the campus learning center together. I am finishing up my sixth year as an elementary school teacher in northern Virginia. I have spent four years in 2nd grade and two years in 4th grade. I am a book fiend, and it is my goal to instill that passion for reading in my students. I am always looking for new books to excite my students and spark that love of reading. In recent years, I have been on a mission to diversify my classroom library as well as the books I read myself. I am a lover of YA romance, historical fiction, and historical nonfiction.  I have a cat named Hamilton (yes, after Alexander Hamilton) who is not as into books but loves to sit with me while I read. 

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