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Blogging is overwhelming: Why we’re taking a (short) hiatus

Good evening, everyone! We hope you all are having a wonderful week so far! We wanted to update you on what we have going on for the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately, we’re going to be taking a short hiatus, hopefully around two weeks.

There are a few reasons for this hiatus. Danielle just had surgery to remove her gallbladder, which was making her sick for the past several of months. Rachael has been overwhelmed trying to balance work with blogging, Instagram, and self-care. Skyler is applying for a leadership position, so she needs to devote time to the application process and her classroom is transitioning back to in-person learning.

In the mean time, we’re going to be “rebranding” our blog. We’ve been blogging for about a year now and we’ve learned a lot as well as grown a lot. We want to put out content that makes it easier for us to manage work and blogging. The three of us just want to share our love of reading with you all. Keep an eye out for our comeback post explaining the rebranding in the coming weeks.

Stay safe, everyone. Read some good books. Most of all, take time for yourself.

Published by Always, Bookish Lovers

We’re a sister duo and a best friend from Virginia, USA who absolutely love books! We all met while Danielle and Skyler were in college. Danielle and Skyler are teachers and Rachael is aspiring to be a librarian. As well as having a bookstagram, we co-run a blog together where we review books, post unboxings of other subscription boxes, and offer reading resources for parents and educators.

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