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10 Last-Minute Gifts for A Bookworm

Happy holidays, everyone! No matter which holiday you celebrate during the winter season, you might be looking for a last-minute gift for your favorite bookworm. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! All of these gifts are ones that any bookworm will be sure to love. However, we (and the companies) cannot guarantee shipping before Christmas (if that is the holiday you celebrate).

  1. A gift card to a favorite local indie bookstore: With all the problems surrounding Amazon (we won’t get into it) and the fact that a lot of indie bookstores are having to close due to COVID, giving a gift card to your favorite bookworm to spend at his or her local indie would be a great idea.
  2. A gift subscription to for audiobook lovers: If you’ve never heard of, they support indie bookstores when you make purchases from them. The best part is that you get to pick which indie bookstore you’d like to support.
  3. A reading bean from Book Beau: Reading beans are amazing! They help you reposition yourself while reading so that you don’t get uncomfortable. Rachael loves her’s!
  4. A book sleeve: Book sleeves are great for protecting all the precious books that your favorite bookworm has collected. Two of our favorite shops are Book Beau and Book Gizmo; some other shops that fellow bookworms like are BookishBling, CPickeringCo, and StoryHero.
  5. A library stamp: Having a library stamp allows you favorite bookworm to ensure that he or she get his or her books back (if he or she ever decides to loan a book out). We’ll link a few here from Etsy, but be sure to browse and find the one that fits whom you will be giving the gift to. Some examples of library stamps are ACOTAR, Leaf circle, Cat with books, Teacher, and Embossed.
  6. A subscription to a book box: While a book subscription box may not arrive before the time you’d like to give the gift, most offer gift messages to give the recipient. Each book box is a little different, but generally, each offers a newly released hardcover (sometimes the book is signed and/or contains other exclusive variations) and 4-5 bookish items. Dreamy&Co (linked below) is an items-based subscription box. Each month, the items are based around one fandom and no book is included. A few of our favorites subscription boxes are Unplugged Book Box, OwlCrate, OwlCrate Jr., LitJoy Crate, and Dreamy&Co.
  7. A bookmark: Bookmarks are always a welcome gift for book lovers. You can never have too many! Bookmarks can be found any where, but there is one shop that does offer custom bookmarks, which we have bought several bookmarks from in the past. That shop is called TotalBookishEclipse. The bookmarks are so adorable, too!
  8. A mug with tea/coffee: Mugs for those who drink tea or coffee are always appreciated, especially if they are fandom or reading related mugs. If you pair the mug with a bookworm’s favorite tea or coffee, they will most likely love you forever (Rachael would!). If they enjoy drinking tea or coffee while reading, this is the perfect gift!
  9. A blanket: Blankets are always appreciated, especially if they are fleece. They keep your favorite bookworm warm while he or she is reading. Fandom related blankets (which can be purchased from many shops) are particularly desired because your favorite bookworm can show off his or her blanket while talking about his or her favorite books.
  10. A reading/fandom related item (such as clothing or jewelry): Fandom and general reading related items, like clothing and jewelry, are becoming more and more popular. Two shops, The Dear Writer Co and Chasing Chapters, create clothing that are related to fandoms. Both shops are size inclusive, so they have clothing that will fit everyone! Hello Lovely Box creates clothing and other items (such as pouches, mugs, and tote bags) that are reading related and aren’t related to any specific fandom.

Let us know in the comments what you think would be a perfect last-minute gift for a fellow bookworm. We can always add to our list!

Published by Always, Bookish Lovers

We’re a sister duo and a best friend from Virginia, USA who absolutely love books! We all met while Danielle and Skyler were in college. Danielle and Skyler are teachers and Rachael is aspiring to be a librarian. As well as having a bookstagram, we co-run a blog together where we review books, post unboxings of other subscription boxes, and offer reading resources for parents and educators.

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