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Life Updates 2.0

It’s not often that we post two life updates in such a short time span to each other. We wanted to keep you up-to-date on our plans for our future as bloggers and bookstagrammers. Don’t worry, we’re not leaving our blog or Instagram. We’re just refining our content and our posting schedule.

The reasons for this change are:
– Danielle is increasing the number of hours that she spends tutoring.
– Skyler is focusing on teaching her class via virtual learning. (Keep her in your thoughts; virtual school is exhausting and overwhelming!)
– I’m increasing the number of hours that I spend working at the library.
– As such, we’ve all been getting a little overwhelmed with trying to continually push out content. We want to post content that we’re happy with, not content that is pushed out because we’re trying to meet a deadline.

The changes:
– We will still be participating in blog tours and continuing our reviews of ARCs, books given to us by publishers, and other novels that we read. All the content that you love to read on our blog will still be here! We are just tweaking some of content that we will be sharing with you.
– Instead of just sharing blogging and bookstagram tips, we will also be starting a series of journal-like posts that discuss our journey as bloggers and bookstagrammers. We want to be more candid about our experiences.
– Third, we are also going to start focusing more on self-care. It is extremely important to take care of yourself so you don’t get burnt out and overwhelmed. We’ll provide tips and resources for those who are not familiar with practicing self-care.
– Finally, we’re going to focus on giving you more recommendations of books to read. We constantly see posts in which people are looking for recommendations because they loved a certain book/series and would like to read similar ones. Most of the books that we plan on recommending will be underrated books (those books need love too!).
– Because of our busy work schedules, our posting days will change to Monday and Friday. We want to give you quality content that we love. So, we’re going to make sure we love the content that we’re sharing with you. We will provide you with an additional update when we decide to return to our normal posting schedule. We will be sharing our first new post tomorrow, October 19! Be on the lookout for it!
– In addition to all these changes to the blog, we’re going to be more active on our Instagram. If you’re not familiar with our Instagram account, you can click here to check it out.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us. If you need someone to talk to, our DMs on Instagram are always open. If you need recommendations for a specific book, definitely comment on one of our posts or even send us a DM on Instagram. We’ll be happy to give you recommendations.

If anyone wants to see if their library has the site that we’ll being using to recommend books, it is called NoveList. The library that I work at has a partnership through EBSCO to provide this amazing resource so we can find books that are similar to other ones we’ve read.

Published by Rachael

Hello, all! I'm 1/3 of Always, Bookish Lovers. Currently, I will be starting work in October at a public library in my area. In the near future, I plan to go back to school to get a Masters in Library and Information Science so I can become a librarian. Along with the blog, I'm pretty active on Instagram. If you'd like to check out our Instagram, it is linked below for you.

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