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Life Updates

Good afternoon, all! I hope you had a great weekend. What have you been reading lately?

We wanted to provide some updates about our blog posts for this week. We’re only going to have one post this week (a blog tour post, so be on the lookout!) due to my computer needing the battery replaced. It is currently off with Apple. ☹️ A couple of other reasons for why we do not have blog posts planned for this week are: Danielle’s been sick with a stomach virus and cold, Skyler has been focusing on virtual learning with her students, and I started a new job in a local library (yay!).

We will be back to our regular posting schedule next week. You may even get to see the rest of blog posts that were originally planned for this week! We hope you all have a great week!

Published by Rachael

Hello, all! I'm 1/3 of Always, Bookish Lovers. Currently, I will be starting work in October at a public library in my area. In the near future, I plan to go back to school to get a Masters in Library and Information Science so I can become a librarian. Along with the blog, I'm pretty active on Instagram. If you'd like to check out our Instagram, it is linked below for you.

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