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Banned Books Week

What is your favorite banned book? Danielle’s favorite banned books are the Harry Potter series (after all, Harry Potter is the reason why Danielle fell in love with reading). Rachael’s favorite banned book is The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. Skyler’s favorite banned books are the Harry Potter series and The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood.

We’ve all experienced wanting to read a book only to find it is banned from your school library or public library. This week, September 27-October 3, is Banned Books Week. The American Library Association has great resources on banned books and how you can get involved. All of the infographics below are from ALA Frequently Challenged Books (–> on the sidebar, click free downloads), which you can also download and use as you please.

As you can see, banned books don’t just encompass children’s books, but also middle grade, young adult, and even adult books. Danielle and Skyler are teachers. They are dealing with banned books every day because they cannot read some of these books to their classrooms. Rachael is starting work at a public library, so she will be amidst the discussion of banned books soon.

What do you think? Should schools and public libraries be able to ban books? Or should the discussion of what a child can and cannot read be up to the parent? Let us know in the comments.

Published by Always, Bookish Lovers

We’re a sister duo and a best friend from Virginia, USA who absolutely love books! We all met while Danielle and Skyler were in college. Danielle and Skyler are teachers and Rachael is aspiring to be a librarian. As well as having a bookstagram, we co-run a blog together where we review books, post unboxings of other subscription boxes, and offer reading resources for parents and educators.

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