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October Book Club Announcement

It’s time to announce our October Book Club pick! The book was selected by our followers on Instagram. If you haven’t taken a look at our Instagram, you can do so by clicking here. In October, we will post a request for book recommendations as well as a vote to select our November Book Club read. Be on the lookout for those posts! The book that was picked for October is Coraline by Neil Gaiman.

Below is our suggested reading schedule. You may notice something different this time. Instead of giving a week-long timeframe to read each week’s chapter selections, our reading schedule only includes four dates. Those dates are the days that discussion questions will be posted in the main group of our book club. We found that having an event didn’t work. (Rachael tried. 😦 It hated her.) Our questions will come from a discussion guide created by Bloomsbury and can be found here. For each of the weekly readings, we’ll typically share three questions on its assigned discussion day.

Suggested Reading Schedule:
October 7: Chapters 1-3
October 14: Chapters 4-6
October 21: Chapters 7-9
October 28: Chapters 10-13

For each date mentioned, our weekly discussions will be based on the chapters listed above, but if you aren’t able to read them, that’s okay! The discussions will be there when you have finished the readings for that particular week.

We will be discussing through a Facebook group named the Always, Bookish Lovers Book Club. You can either join by searching the name of the group or clicking the link above. Make sure to answer all membership questions as we want to get to know you better. On the dates listed above, discussion questions will be posted in the main group of our book club. Please be mindful that there may be spoilers in the comments and/or questions.

Once we’re done discussing October’s Book Club read, we’ll be looking for your feedback! Let us know in the comments about our progress for hosting discussions and selecting books! We’re in the process of figuring out the logistics of adding more novels (young adult, romance, thrillers, etc.) to discuss each month.

Published by Always, Bookish Lovers

We’re a sister duo and a best friend from Virginia, USA who absolutely love books! We all met while Danielle and Skyler were in college. Danielle and Skyler are teachers and Rachael is aspiring to be a librarian. As well as having a bookstagram, we co-run a blog together where we review books, post unboxings of other subscription boxes, and offer reading resources for parents and educators.

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