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Bookstagram Graphics

Good afternoon, everyone! It’s Rachael, here with more bookstagram tips for you. I hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday. How has your week been so far? What have you been reading? Any good news that you would like to share with us? Because we’ve reached over 1,000 followers, we’re hosting a giveaway on our Instagram! Check out this post for more information! The giveaway is only open until Friday, September 11!

Today’s bookstagram tips post is going to focus on graphics. I will be sharing how to create graphics for your bookstagram. If anyone has visited our Instagram, you’ll see that we’ve started using graphics when we have a huge amount of information to share with people. I tend to use Canva, which has free and paid versions, but you could use any graphics creator (Photoshop, etc.) that you are familiar with. I did a free trial of Canva Pro and plan on keeping it for at least another month, so if you use the free version, please understand that some of the features that I use may not be available to you.

Typically, I’ll start with selecting the type of post that I would like to add to a specific social media platform. We have accounts on Instagram, WordPress (our blog), and Facebook, so I must consider the social media platform into the creation of my graphics. On Canva, I’ve created Instagram posts (these can usually be used for Facebook as well), story highlight covers, stories, and a couple of blog banners. Some of the graphics that I’ve created can be found below my tutorial. As an example, I will be creating an Instagram post to demonstrate Canva’s services.

If you select the “Instagram Posts” category, a series of templates should appear on your screen (similar to the picture seen on the left). Please note that if you do not have the paid subscription, some of the templates will state “Pro” with a star. You have the choice to either start with a blank template or select one of the posts from the options available.

For my tutorial, I’m going to search “Instagram posts books” to refine the results. You might recognize a few of these templates as we’ve used them before for graphics.

Next, you scroll through the results until you find a template that you would like to use for your graphic. For our purposes, I’ve already preselected the template because it’s going to become the graphic for our October Book Club pick. Once you select a template, you’ll come to the screen shown on the left.

One of the first things that I do is change the text to fit our needs. As such, I will be changing the “San Dias Middle School” and “Annual Read-A-Thon” text to “Always, Bookish Lovers” and “October Book Club” respectively. I may also adjust the text’s placement to better fit our needs. The picture on the left demonstrates how the graphic will look for now – I haven’t added the title for October’s book club read yet. I may rearrange and/or readjust some of the text before I’m completely satisfied with the final product. There are no limits on how much you’re able to edit your creations.

Next, I will add some text that includes information about our weekly chapter readings. Because we haven’t selected our book club read for October, the actual weekly readings are not finalized. Once we’ve selected the novel, more specific information about our weekly chapter readings will be added to this graphic. You may see that I have adjusted some of the text because it wasn’t fitting the way that I wanted. I rearrange the text a lot before I download the final product.

The next step in the creation of this graphic is to finalize the text’s placement (and chapters!) and download the final product. Normally, I download the graphic to my computer as a JPG file and then send it in a message to my sister to ensure that I am able to access file on my phone. Alternately, you can also use an iPad, iPhone, or Android device to create your graphic and download the file directly to your camera roll. I’ve done this process a couple of times and actually prefer to do that versus downloading the graphic to my computer. Now that the main graphic for the Instagram post is done, I usually create a graphic for our stories so that it can eventually be included as a highlight as well. I find the same graphic within “Instagram Story” category and repeat the same process that I described above. In the below gallery, you can see how I typically edit a graphic for our Instagram stories.

Typically, this is the process I that use to edit and/or create graphics for Always, Bookish Lovers. It tends to take me about 30 minutes to create graphics for both an Instagram post and a story. It can be longer if you are starting from scratch. I prefer to use templates because it makes the process easier. Do whatever works best for you. Below are just some of the graphics that I’ve previously created for our Instagram and blog.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! I’d be happy to answer any questions that you have regarding how to create graphics. I’m in the process of planning more posts that focus on bookstagram tips. Are there any specific aspects of bookstagram that you’d like to learn about? If you’re wishing to create your own bookstagram, be sure to check out our bookstagram for inspiration!

Published by Rachael

Hello, all! I'm 1/3 of Always, Bookish Lovers. Currently, I will be starting work in October at a public library in my area. In the near future, I plan to go back to school to get a Masters in Library and Information Science so I can become a librarian. Along with the blog, I'm pretty active on Instagram. If you'd like to check out our Instagram, it is linked below for you.

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