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Tips for Overcoming a Reading Slump

Have you ever hit a reading slump and not known what to do? We’ve all been there, and we’ve got some tips to help you overcome your reading slump. Please understand that these tips may not work for everyone. If one doesn’t work for you, try another. If none of them work for you, check out a few of these links for other suggestions: Epic Reads, Book Riot, Off the Shelf, and Penguin.

  1. It is okay to DNF (did not finish) a book. It’s definitely okay to stop reading a book if you are not feeling it. You can either DNF or put the book off until another time. Life is too short to waste on books that you aren’t enjoying. Remember that if you are feeling a book, you can always go back to it when you are in the mood to read it.
  2. Re-read an old favorite book. Everyone has at least one favorite book that they have reread multiple times. Return to that old favorite and immerse yourself into the tale. By rereading an old favorite, you should be able to rekindle the joy that you experience from reading. Some of our favorites are Wonder, Harry Potter, and Matilda.
  3. Ask for recommendations. Reach out to friends and/or family members for recommendations. They should be familiar with your reading tastes and as such, be able to select a read that you will enjoy. If you are still struggling to find a good read, the librarians at your local public library will also be happy to provide you with recommendations. Check out your local public library’s website to learn how to request recommendations.
  4. Try a different genre. Instead of reading within your preferred genres, branch out and try something new. Maybe you have become tired of reading about the same tropes within your favorite genre. If you love fantasies, try reading a science fiction book. If you love thrillers, try reading a mystery book. If you love contemporaries, try reading a magical realism book. These are only just some recommendations; there are many more genres that you can choose from. More often than not, books crossover into several different genres.
  5. Try a different format. Sometimes, reading the same format can get boring. If you find yourself getting tired of reading physical books, try an audiobook or a graphic novel. Epic Reads recently made a list of some of the best young adult audiobooks. Rachael has listened to 8 of the books and highly recommends them! The change can go the opposite way as well if needed. You can try reading a physical book if you are tired of audiobooks. Another way to change the format is to read books that have unique writing styles like Sadie, The Illuminae Files, and A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. If you need a starting point, Epic Reads and Book Riot have both made lists of books with unique formats.
  6. Join a book club. Maybe you need to read a book that you can discuss with others. Book clubs often pick monthly reads that are both noteworthy and debatable. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are currently many book clubs that have transitioned to an online format. A quick internet search will allow you to peruse the current selections for August. If you need a few suggestions, some of our favorite book clubs are The Book Democracy Book Club, TBR and Beyond Book Club, and BookGizmo. We have several other book clubs linked in our Online Reading Resources as well.

What other suggestions do you have for those who are in a reading slump? What has worked for you before? We would love to hear your advice! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Published by Always, Bookish Lovers

We’re a sister duo and a best friend from Virginia, USA who absolutely love books! We all met while Danielle and Skyler were in college. Danielle and Skyler are teachers and Rachael is aspiring to be a librarian. As well as having a bookstagram, we co-run a blog together where we review books, post unboxings of other subscription boxes, and offer reading resources for parents and educators.

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