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Where Do I Find Young Adult Books in the Pandemic?

The past two weeks have been crazy! With Rachael adjusting to her new work schedule and our participation in last week’s many virtual book festivals, we didn’t have a chance to post the next blog post.

Our previous posts have discussed where to find books for all ages, children’s literature, and middle grade books, but there are also some sites which only focus on the young adult community. Remember, you don’t have to be within that specific age group to read the books! All you have to do is be a lover of that particular genre of books. There aren’t as many sites that offer books for just young adult readers, but we have tried to list all the ones that we are familiar with. If you know of other websites and/or platforms, please let us know so that we can them to our list!

  1. Epic Reads (YA Division of HarperCollins Publishers)
    -Epic Reads provides book recommendations, quizzes, giveaways, and other fun activities on their website.
    – “FIRST5” is a weekly email series that consists of extended excerpts. Often, the excerpt is the first 5 or so chapters of an upcoming release. To become a subscriber, click on the “FIRST5” link. You only need to provide your email address and date of birth to sign-up.
  2. Simon and Schuster
    -Simon & Schuster offers a free e-book to any new subscribers to their newsletter. You can sign up on their website at anytime. You will be asked to redeem the free e-book through Glose, a reading app that Simon and Schuster has partnered with. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the publishing company has recently started to send their newsletter subscribers a weekly selection of books where they may redeem a free e-book while supplies last. There is always at least one YA book included among the selection.
    Riveted by Simon Teen (YA Division of Simon & Schuster; also offers a free e-book to any new subscribers to their newsletter) has a Free Reads Program, which offers free e-book reads, exclusive short stories, and extended excerpts of upcoming releases for a limited amount of time. An expiration date is shown under each book’s title. Typically, the free reads are available for about a month. Click here to see May’s free reads.
    – Simon Teen also provides book recommendations, giveaways, and quizzes on their website.
  3. Swoon Reads
    – Swoon Reads allows young adult readers the opportunity to participate in the publication process. Writers submit their manuscripts to Swoon Reads. Readers then read the manuscripts on Swoon Reads’ website for free, providing feedback to the publishing company. Swoon Reads will eventually choose to publish the manuscripts that receive the most positive response from the readers. Click here to browse the latest manuscripts that have been submitted to Swoon Reads.
  4. Audiobook SYNC
    – From April 30th to July 29th, Audiobook SYNC is offering teens (as well as fans of young adult books) the opportunity to download 2 free audiobooks each week. New selections become available every Thursday at midnight EST. Currently, The 57 Bus by Dashka Slater and Monday’s Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson are available to download until May 6th.
    – To access the audiobooks, you must first register for the program by providing your email address to Audiobook SYNC on their website listed above. Audiobook SYNC will then provide instructions on how to download the audiobooks from Sora (Overdrive’s student reading app).
    – You can preview every weekly selection on their website, but we have also included a poster below for your convenience (created by Audiobook SYNC).

Although we only mentioned Epic Reads, Riveted, and Swoon Reads on our list, many other YA publishing companies also offer extended excerpts of their upcoming releases as well (such as HMH Teen and Tor Teen). Extended excerpts are the perfect opportunity to preview a book to determine whether it is one that would interest you.

The last post in our “Where Do You Find Books When Schools and Libraries Are Closed?” blog series will focus on identifying which online platforms (all of which have been discussed in this blog series) have apps and the type of devices in which those platforms’ apps can be accessed on. As always feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions.

Bookish Lovers
(Danielle and Rachael)

P.S. – The Everywhere Book Fest started today! Click here to see the schedule.

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